Our Mission

Our Mission

Imagine the possibilities in fintech if we remove >90% of the friction in the flow of money and financial data.

We are building a difficult-but-necessary API platform so that entrepreneurs and enterprises can concentrate on creating value, and not on setting up their infrastructure. Think of us like 'AWS for financial services'.

We operate at a significant scale and have monumental things to do. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to put the plumbing of the world of banking within everyone’s reach, while doing the most important work of your career.

We are a group of people who can help you reach the next level of financial innovation. Join us!

Challenges & Future

We aspire to live in a world where financial information is interconnected and flows freely. We’re making some essential components of the banking infrastructure accessible to everyone. Remember the countless visits to the bank branches? We dream of building blocks that simplify banking services.

Partnering with Legacy Institutions

Partnering with Legacy Institutions

Our aspirations come with many complications, including navigating through banks, dealing with legacy infrastructure, and complying with regulations. Some of our customers previously spent 6-12 months building the connections with banks & still faced issues after completing integrations. As a result, they could not do justice to their product. We need to be patient while enabling the wave of change.

Banking on our Customers

Banking on our Customers

Our customers are changing the status quo & redefining the way we do business in financial services. Like us, they’re solving severe problems that the market may not be receptive to yet. We must remain a step ahead and enable our users to power all their crazy ideas and innovations.

Talent & Expertise

Talent & Expertise

We may not have the relevant experience and expertise to crack banking & fiscal integrations. We also do not have all the answers from day one but believe curiosity & a first-principles approach can shed light on our roadblocks. People with the right levels of persistence & grit will get things done despite the consequences.

Our Tech Stack

Making use of the latest and best practices to give you the best of services

The technical infrastructure on which we are building upon

The persistent data storage for our system

The basic building block of our codebase

The web framework handling all the API calls

WSGI compliant Application server for serving our flask applications

The reverse proxy and the load balancer

Our framework of choice for the UI

The gateway (think Janus) to our multi-environment servers

Some awesome perks

Complete Health Insurance

ESOPs that are Actually Put in Place

Work From Home Friendly

Generous Vacation Policy

Bring Along Those Furry Friends

Device of Your Choice

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