How it Works

Generate QR Codes

Initiate a payment request for customers using FAST, PayNow or direct transfer by creating dynamic QR codes for a transaction.

Generate QR Codes to customers for easy payments.


Ensure payouts happens to the right entities by validating PayNow accounts in real-time.


Instant Payouts

Manage fund transfer to your beneficiaries via any supported payment mode like FAST or PayNow.

Instant Payouts.

Get notified

Instant confirmation to your endpoints as soon as the transaction is processed to deliver a seamless customer experience.


Use Cases

We open up magical Payments APIs so that you can focus on your core product & business


Deduct charges or commissions before the settlement of funds to customers before crediting them into customer accounts.


Reconcile incoming and outgoing transactions into a virtual account for a holistic view of transaction history.

Accept and Facilitate instant payments from customers
with auto-reconciliation.

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Instant Fund Transfer

Get immediate settlement for your customers' incoming & outgoing payments.

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Track Payments

Sort payments based on factors like transaction id, or others, and map the flow.

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Real-time Updates

Get instant payment-related reports, insights, and notifications on your endpoints & dashboard.

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